RAILMATCH Acrylic Authentic Colour 18ml Pots - BR 1948-1966 RANGE

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RAILMATCH Acrylic Authentic Colour - BR 1948-1966 RANGE - 18ml Pots

RailMatch paints have been developed with the modeller in mind and are suitable for brushing or spraying. If using our paints through an airbrush the paint will require thinning by approximately 15-20% acrylic thinner. If using weathering shades you may want to “thin” the paint further to create a dusting effect. RailMatch paints are produced with an eggshell finish, with the exception of the weathering colours which are matt. Please remember that when thinning paints the sheen will be reduced as will colour density. This can normally be corrected by using a suitable varnish to finish your model. Please ensure jar products are well stirred prior to use When airbrushing ensure you are in a well ventilated, dust free environment. For best results build up colour by layers, not one heavy coat. Always ensure models are clean of grease, dust etc. Preparation is important.           

All RailMatch paint products are manufactured in Manchester by HMG Ltd. to the highest quality and consistency. HMG are one of the largest paint manufacturers in the UK and their extensive knowledge means RailMatch is probably the best model paint you can buy.

**N.B. Colour renderings shown here are only approximate and will vary from viewing device to viewing device **

2300   BR STANDARD LOCO GREEN (Steam & diesel locos)

2301   BR SHERWOOD GREEN (Lighter bodyside band on two-tone green diesels)

2303   BR LIGHT GREY  (Bodyside stripes on green diesels)

2305   BR BUFFER BEAM RED (400 Signal red was also used )

2306   BR MAROON  (Coaching stock and class 52 diesels)

2308   BR LATER MULTIPLE UNIT GREEN  (Darker standard shade)

2310   BR ROOF DARK BLUE/GREY  (Coaching stock and multiple units pre-1988)

2311   BR CRIMSON  (Early 1950’s coaching stock ‘Blood’)

2312   BR CREAM  (Early 1950’s coaching stock ‘Cream’)

2313   BR COACH ROOF LIGHT GREY  (Early 1950/60’s coaching stock)

2314   BR SOUTHERN STOCK GREEN  (SR coaching stock)                        

2320   BR DIESEL ROOF GREY  (Roof colour on green diesels)

2322   BR EARLY FREIGHT STOCK GREY  (Original colour prior to 309)

2323   BR EARLY FREIGHT STOCK BAUXITE (Original colour prior to 235)