Proxxon UT250 Universal Dividing Head Attachment      (24046)

Proxxon UT250 Universal Dividing Head Attachment (24046)

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Universal dividing attachment UT 250

For accurate machining of circular work pieces.

Used to manufacture sprockets, gears, ratchets, cams, etc.

Worm drive for divisions through 360°. Feed adjustment by handwheel with graduated, zero-adjustable dial (1 revolution = 10°).

Unit may be fixed horizontally or vertically.

For compound tables with distances between T-slots of 45 - 60mm.

The flange of the dividing attachment is the same size as that of the main spindle of the PD 250/E lathe, thus 3 jaw chuck (NO 24 034) and 4 jaw chuck (NO 24 036) may be mounted.

Incl. faceplate Ø100mm and step clamp set of steel: Two each step blocks and clamps. With matching slot nuts, threaded rods and nuts.

Packed in a wooden box.


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