Proxxon THERMOCUT Hot Wire Foam Cutter 240v (27080)

  • £117.98

This product is ideal for architectural models, designers, decorators, artists (teaching too), prototypes as well as classical railroad, plane and model boat building.

Double function fence with lockable feed bar.

The unit's double wound transformer and insulation to class 2 ensure the cutter is absolutely safe.

The cutting wire operates at 10V, 1A.

The large base with 390 x 280mm table ensures smooth and easy movement of the workpiece. The printed grid and protractor ease division and cutting.

Solid aluminium overarm has a 350mm throat and offers 140mm capacity in height.

The holder and wire coil (30m, 0.2mm diameter is included) may be shifted along the overarm to enable mitre cutting.

A LED indicates operation and prevents burnt fingers (the cutting wire heats to maximum in less than 1 second).

N.B. The correct temperature, being material type and thickness dependent, is learnt from experience. Optimum profiles are cut at lower temperatures and cutting force.

SKU: 27 080


** The cutting angle capability of this device can be greatly expanded by the use of the new dedicated Proxxon TA300 Fence accessory (27 078) which can be ordered separately **