Proxxon TA300 Fence for Thermocut (27078)

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Proxxon TA300 Fence for Thermocutter

This ingenious accessory fits the Proxxon Thermocut hot wire cutter. It consists of a large 90° aluminium extrusion, which extends the full width of the Thermocut table. A quadrant allows you to tilt the extrusion from up to 45°. On side features a T-slot and mitre guide.

With the extrusion set at 90° it forms a 100mm tall straight fence for safe repeatable cuts to exact widths. Angled and used with the mitre guide you can accurately cut compound angles to produce complex geometric solids.

Key Features:

Extra high fence (100mm) for safe straight cuts

Integrated T-slot with additional mitre guide

Allows repeatable and precise angle cuts

Accurately cut compound angles

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NB - Thermocutter not included