Proxxon OZI/E Multi-Tool 230v (28520)

  • £115.98

This multi-use tool will sand, cut and rasp with the various accessories available.

Using an oscillating motion the triangular head allows sanding in very tight spots, e.g. corners, sides and inaccessible areas, as well as the fitting of saw blades, scraper heads and files.

The variable speed facility ensures the correct speed for every material, between 3,000 and 10,000 per minute.

The head is die-cast zinc, ensuring exact and stable housing for the working parts, the main housing made of fibreglass reinforced POLYAMIDE.

The oscillating motion ensures lack of vibration and kickback.

Rating: Trade

Length 230mm

Weight 630g

Insulated to class II.

The OZI is supplied with 4 sanding pads of different grits (2 x 80grit, 1 each 150 and 240grit).

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