Proxxon OFV Router Base (28566)

  • £31.98

The addition of a Proxxon OFV will turn a mini-drill or grinder into a very useful miniature router which may be well suited to toy making or dolls house projects. The base is made from die-cast aluminium with a milled working surface and a fence is also included with a maximum throat depth of 150mm. In addition, there is an interchangeable circle guide. The router base has an adjustable bench stop with a pre-selectable travel stroke. It can also be used as a drilling guide for round parts as a triangular prism is provided in the work base.

Key Features

Turns a drill into a miniature router

Made of die-cast aluminium

Fence provided with a throat depth of 150mm

Interchangeable circle guide

Can be used to drill a round section workpiece

Adjustable depth stop with pre-selected travel stroke

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