Proxxon MGS Microflam Gas Soldering Set (28144)

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Proxxon MGS Microflam Gas Soldering Set 

Soldering set is something of a misnomer. With seven different tips to choose from, the MGS is capable of a wide variety of jobs. Fuelled by butane, it is easy and cheap to refill from a standard lighter fuel cartridge. A relatively large reservoir allows a good working time. It has piezo ignition and a control for adjusting the gas/air supply. The MGS gives you the option of working with the catalyst unit in combination with a tip or with an open flame. For hard soldering with an open flame, it develops a temperature of 1,300°, with a soldering tip of 500°. The tips comprise a large wax/varnish-scraping knife for repairs in wood, a hot knife for cutting plastics, two wood burning pyrography tips, a soldering tip, a round nozzle for hot air work and a heat-shrinking nozzle. The set also includes solder, wiping sponge, spanner and a stainless steel rest/stand that allows you to set the MGS upright for stationary use. Supplied in a sturdy case with a polypropylene insert keeping everything neat and tidy.

Key Features:

7 different tips; potential for a wide variety of tasks

Fuelled by butane, refill from standard lighter fuel cartridge

Piezo ignition, independent for gas/air supply

Hard soldering temperature 1,300°, with a soldering tip 500°

Set also includes solder, wiping sponge and spanner

Stainless steel rest/stand allows hands free use

Supplied in a sturdy case with polypropylene insert

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