Proxxon KT70 Micro Compound Table (27100)

  • £81.98

Made of solid aluminium with surface treatment and fitted with adjustable dovetail gibs and three T-slots of the MICROMOT standard (12 x 6 x 5mm).

Adjustable ruler eases workpiece positioning.

Both handwheels have zero-resettable dials with graduations indicating 1 revolution = 1.0mm and 1 division = 0.05mm. X travel 134mm and Y travel 46mm having a maximum height of 43mm and table size of 200 x 70mm.

Supplied with two step clamps and the clamps and securing bolts for the TBM bench drill.

Will also fit Micromot MB 140/S and MB 200 drill stands.

NB - Drill stand illustrated is NOT included !!

Additional step clamps may also be purchased - see linked items below.

SKU: 27 100