Proxxon KGS80 Chop Saw 240v (27160)

  • £245.99

The lower part of the motor unit and the baseplate is made of sturdy die-cast aluminium with CNC milled guides.

The baseplate is surface milled and fitted with an integral vice to ensure work pieces are held firmly and securely for maximum cutting accuracy. The vice cheeks are provided with V-groove (for round parts) and with groove for clamping thin workpieces up to 65 mm wide.

The compact, tight and torsion-free design allows clean and safe cutting of workpieces up to 65mm wide and 25mm thick as well as round material up to a maximum. diameter of 25mm.

The baseplate rotates through 45° left and right and is notched 15° steps, the base can also be locked for intermediate angles.

The KGS80 is supplied with a carbide tipped saw blade for wood, non-ferrous metals and plastic with 24 teeth ( 80 x 1.6 x 10 mm).

200W 240V motor.

Max depth of cut: 25mm

Blade speed: 6,000 RPM

Rating: Light Trade

See linked items below for suitable replacement or alternative blades/discs.

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