Proxxon Hard White Polishing Sponges 30mm (2) for WP/A & WP/E (29076)

  • £5.98

PROXXON Hard White Polishing Sponges (2 pieces)

Key Features:

• 30mm dia x 25mm high conical hard white sponges

• Hook and loop attachment

• Use with PROXXON polishers WP/E, WP/A, EP/E and EP/A

• Requires suitable backing pad

A pack of two, hard white foam polishing sponges. These are conical in shape; 50mm diameter tapering to 25mm with a hook and loop fastening ready to attach to a suitable backing pad. They are used for applying liquid polishing compounds to painted or bare metal surfaces for refining the surface. These fit any of the following PROXXON polishers; WP/E, WP/A, EP/E and EP/A fitted with a suitable backing pad.

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