Proxxon FF500/BL Manual Milling Machine 230v     (24350)

Proxxon FF500/BL Manual Milling Machine 230v (24350)

  • £2,238.97

Proxxon Miller F 500/BL

With variable speed pre-selection from 200 - 4,000rpm and high precision (accuracy 0.05mm). With digital speed indication.

The sophisticated control via rotor position and speed sensors guarantees high torque for use of large milling cutters in the lower speed range.

Solid column with dovetail guides.

Milling head can be rotated to the left and right by 90° (with graduation).

The clampable spindle sleeve is prepared for mounting of the fine feed adapter NO 24 254.

Tool holder using multiple range collets type ER 20: One each of 6 - 8 - 10 and 12mm are included.

Height adjustment of milling head via hand wheel.

Solid plane-milled steel compound table with 3 continuous MICROMOT standard T-slots (12 x 6 x 5mm). All 3 hand wheels with graduated scale ring (1 rev. = 2mm).

Technical data:

230V. 400W. 50/60Hz.

Spindle speeds 200 - 4,000rpm.

Throat 125mm.

Sleeve stroke 30mm.

Column 120 x 100 x 430mm.

Table 400 x 125mm. Transverse range vertical (Z-axis) 220mm, transverse (X-axis) 310mm, depth (Y-axis) 100mm. Dimensions: H = 750mm, W = 550mm, D = 550mm.

Weight approx. 47kg.

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