Proxxon ESV TIG Tungsten Electrode Sharpener Attachment (28614)

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Proxxon ESV TIG Tungsten Electrode Sharpener

Properly sharpened tungsten electrodes are essential for effective TIG welding. The Proxxon ESV is a great value and a sound investment when it comes to achieving the best results from your TIG welder. The way a TIG welding electrode is sharpened has an enormous influence on the weld seam. Correct sharpening is essential for the best TIG welding results.
The ESV fits Proxxon Micromot tools with a 20mm collar (see list). Sharpening with the ESV results in a uniform longitudinal grind, ensuring high arc stability. It offers a choice of apex angles 30° and 60° and can take electrodes with diameters of 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm and 3.2mm. It features two diamond-plated grinding discs for low roughness.

Suitable for the following machines with standard 20mm-collar:

IBS/A Cordless Drill/Grinder - (102368)
IBS/E Professional Drill/Grinder - (300121)
LBS/E Long Neck Straight Drill/Grinder - (474573)
FBS 240/E Precision Drill/Grinder Multi-Tool - (410475)
MICROMOT 230/E Mill/Drill - (507275)
MICROMOT 60 Mill/Drill Unit 12V - (105594)
MICROMOT 60/E Mill/Drill Unit 12V - (105595)
MICROMOT 60/EF Mill/Drill Unit 12V - (105597)

Key Features:

Sharpens tungsten electrodes for TIG welders

Fits PROXXON tools with 20mm collar

Uniform longitudinal grind, ensures high arc stability

Choice of apex angles 30° and 60°

For electrode diameters: 1.6, 2.0, 2.4 and 3.2mm

Diamond-plated grinding discs for best results

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