Proxxon DS460 2-Speed Scroll Saw 240v (27094)

  • £455.99

This is a high quality, two speed fretsaw that has several outstanding design features that make it a pleasure to use.

The arms are made from magnesium to reduce the moving weight by 40%, ensuring extremely low vibration and quiet running. They run on precision bearings and are very slender to allow a clear view of the work.

The table slides back 80mm to make blade changing easier. It also tilts between -5° and +50° with five position stops, and has a fine adjustment system to control the table tilt.

Patented blade clamps ensure true blade alignment and the saw can use both pinned and pinless blades.

The large throat of 460mm is coupled with a cutting depth of up to 60mm in wood or 10-15mm in non-ferrous metals. It also easily cuts Plexiglas, GRP, foam, rubber, leather or cork.

A rigid cast iron base ensures stability whilst the die cast alloy table is finely machined for flatness.

A 205W brushless motor is powerful and controlled electronically to provide even running whilst under load.

An adjustable chip blower and built in extraction connector allow clean working.

Supplied with 5 coarse and fine saw blades.

Rating: Light Trade

Weight: 20 kg

SKU: 27 094