Proxxon BSG220 Drill Sharpener 230v (21200)

  • £183.58

At last, a simple and effective drill bit sharpening machine which is easy to operate and which will produce standard 118° drill points accurately every time.

The drill bit is clamped into the movable carriage, advanced up to the grinding wheel and the carriage is moved from left to right to produce an accurately ground relief angle; a repeat operation with the carriage rotated about its axis produces a perfectly matched second relief angle.

The carborundum wheel, which is rotated at 8,000rpm by the quiet 85W motor, will sharpen carbon steel and high speed steel bits from 3mm to 13mm in diameter.

A dressing stone for re-truing the wheel is included; full instructions are also supplied.

An adaptor kit for smaller diameter drills 1.5mm to 3mm is available - please see linked items below.

For suitable replacement grinding wheels please also see linked items below.

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